Cut Flower Care

How to get the most from your Cut Flowers

You want to get the most out of your flowers.  We recommend that you follow these basic care instructions to ensure long life and maximum enjoyment from them.

  1. Choose a clean vase, and then add clean water and preservative.
  2. Remove flowers from wrapping carefully.
  3. Strip all leaves from the part of the stem that will be underwater.  Leaves contain bacteria and fungi that will quickly breed and foul the water, killing the flowers.
  4. Use sharp snips or secateurs, trim stems at an angle about 2cm from the base, then place straight into clean water.
  5. Make sure the stems are not jammed into the vase, or that the ends are not smashed against the bottom of the vase.
  6. Keep flowers away from draughts and direct sunlight and other sources of heat such as heaters, lamps, computers or televisions.
  7. Change the vase water regularly, at least every three days.  Re-trim the stems by cutting 1 to 2cm off the ends.  Arrangements in foam need to be re-watered every day.  Take care not to overfill.
  8. Remove any dead flowers or leaves to prevent fungal infection or rapid wilting due to ethylene.