What Flower?

Hydrangea - a Florists Favourite for Events

Common name: Hydrangea, Hortensia

A cottage garden classic with big mop shaped heads.  Hydrangea come in a variety of colours, pure white, china blue, deep blue, lilac, light pink, bright pink, burgundy and green.  Available Nov-Apr.

Their vase life is approx 7-14 days.  They need lots of water so check and change water regularly.  Cut the stem at an angle above the node and remove any surplus leaves.  You can spray their heads with water occasionally to prolong vase life.  Should the heads become limp, submerge the whole head in tepid water for a short period.  Remove, cut stems and place in fresh water.



A versatile and favourite flower of most florists, hydrangea can be easily styled to suit any occasion, whether its country classic or super modern.  They look fantastic on mass, especially in one colour.  They can be used in small, medium or large containers.  I especially like them arranged as a collar in a large all round vase arrangement with tall flowers for impact.


Hydrangea in Jug

Hydrangea also looks great simply arranged in your favourite jug for the kitchen table or for your wedding flowers; they are fine in bouquets and mix well with other flowers.  Because of their large head they can fill out a space easily giving great impact.