How Do They Do It? - Flower Arranging Tips

Vase Attitude - Wide Mouth Vase

Do you have a wide mouth vase that you just can’t seem to arrange your flowers in properly without them all collapsing to the side?  Following is a simple solution to your problem and all you need is a roll of clear sticky tape, normal size for gift wrapping will do.  

Firstly fill your vase with fresh water and flower food ready for your cut flowers.  Dry off any water splash around the vase rim; make sure it’s completely dry.  Now make a grid over the vase mouth, top to bottom, side to side with the sticky tape, see picture.  Usually 2x2 or 3x2 should suffice; it will depend on the width of your vase.  Don’t make the grid too tight, you want enough space for larger stems to go in.  Now you are ready to arrange your beautiful flowers, just pop them in between the grids and the stems will stand tall show casing your wonderful flower arrangement.  Cover any sticky tape showing with foliage, then top up your vase if required.