Flowers from Australia

Native Australians

We have such a diverse and unique range of flowers and foliages here in Australia.  Some of them have been surviving for millions of years.  Long lasting, bright and colourful they come in all shapes and sizes, big round heads or cone shaped heads like the banksias and dryandras are great for focal points in an arrangement, tall and showy, grasses and kangaroo paws, delicate fillers like the waxflowers and boronias and different varieties of fern foliages like the umbrella fern or koala fern.  

Native flowers are thirsty drinkers so do check their water levels and top up if required.  Many natives can be dried easily.  Stand them in a vase without any water in a cool place, drying should take about 3 weeks.  

Please consider native flowers when you make your next flower purchase, they are great on their own or mixed with other flowers and they are made right here in Australia.