Flower Buying Tips for Guys


Listen up guys, buying flowers for someone may seem a daunting task but it's not that bad, really.  Just making the effort shows you care and that's a good start.


Your local florist can help you make a choice and also help with delivery stuff if you are going to have the flowers sent.  Remember if you are having the flowers sent to think of a message to go on the card.


So most men have different women in their lives and knowing what flowers to give which of these lovely ladies can be a bit challenging.  Here are some simple tips:


For those Important Women in your life


There are sure to be others but these women rank highly on the importance scale:


mother, grandmother, sister, daughter


Choose pretty flowers for a bouquet or posy like roses, cottage flowers; in subtle tones of pinks, white, green.  If you know what their favourite flower is then go for that.  If you want to give a plant, choose a flowering plant for either inside or outside.


Your Girlfriend, gal pal, your mate (not your lover)


Bright colours and mixed flowers are a good choice or choose something a little bit different like tropical flowers and foliage.  A bouquet or arrangement will be fine.  Obviously if you know their favourite flowers you can't go wrong.  A flowering plant is also a good choice.


The New Girl (she could be the one?)


Try flowers in hot colours like pink, orange, red, yellow.  Maybe don't overwhelm them just yet with red roses; you want to keep that one up your sleeve.  Orchids, tulips, seasonal flowers or a lovely mix of flowers in those hot colours.  If in doubt ask your local florist for help.


The Girlfriend, Your Wife


You can't fail giving their favourite flower (you do know what they are right?)  If married, what were your wedding flowers?  Maybe check your wedding photos if you can't recall.  If you can't remember the flower names ask your mum or mother-in-law, or if you can, take one of your photos to your florist for them to check out.  What flowers did you send her when you first started going out?  What is her favourite colour?


So guys, just remember there doesn't have to be a reason to give flowers, don't wait, be spontaneous.  Size in this case doesn't matter; big or small, flowers make a bold statement.  Good luck.