Is it ok to give a Man Flowers?


There aren't too many women who don't enjoy receiving a fresh flower bouquet or arrangement on a special occasion or the best kind, just out of the blue?  And whilst a lot of people traditionally think a man gives flowers to women, remember this is the 21st century and giving men flowers is an ok thing to do.


You'd be surprised at the number of men who think it's kinda cool and would love to receive a gift of flowers or a living plant.  Whether for your husband, partner, best friend, dad or grandad why not surprise them and make them feel special with a gift of flowers.  There are many occasions on which to give them on.  Some examples:


- they've been working hard, finished a project, got a promotion, achieved a goal

- you're just thinking of them - no reason is often the best reason

- a pick me up fix when they are feeling a bit blue or off colour

- an apology

- they're just the best ever

- they're always there for you

- birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Fathers Day

- they like flowers and plants


Allium AnthuriumIf you decide to give flowers, a good choice is tropical flowers like orchids, heliconia, birds of paradise, anthuriums.  They are more masculine and vivid in colour (reds, oranges, yellows are good colour choices for men), have interesting shapes and go well in modern linear arrangements, which are more appropriate than a pretty feminine looking arrangement.  Tropical leaves and interesting sticks or berries are also good to include.


Chocolate Anthurium 

Native flowers are another good choice, they have that natural style look.  If available choose interesting natives like Kangaroo paw, Leucospermum (pincushions), Gymea lily or Waratahs. 


WaratahLeucospernumBlack Kanga Paw



Other seasonal flowers to consider - Kniphofia (red hot poker), Lotus pods, Tulips (in a bright colour), Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) - a striking large flower that isn't too feminine.




Remember to keep the bouquet wrapping simple, avoid bows or ribbons.  Let your florist know they are for a man and they should wrap them appropriately.  For an extra treat, include chocolate or tickets to the movies, or a concert or favourite sporting event.


If you think a living plant is going to be more suitable, choose one for either indoor or outdoor.  Any of the following would suit:


succulents, cacti, lucky bamboo, native tree, bonsai, air plant, Phalaenopsis orchid, olive tree, lime tree, Spathiphyllum (peace lily)


Believe it or not men do like to receive gifts of flowers and plants.  Who doesn't like the element of surprise and the warm feeing you get knowing that someone cares enough and is thinking of you.  And guess what, the effect will rub off onto you too, making you feel good as well.  So yes it is ok to give a man flowers.


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