The pretty new lily on the market!


It's very exciting when a new flower variety comes onto the market.  One of latest lily varieties, designed for the cut flower industry, is the beautiful Roselily.


A double flowering lily, in pink and white shades, when opening up it resembles a rose; layers and layers of petals.  It was developed by the De Looff brothers in The Netherlands.  To find out their story visit their website here.  Available now in Australia, the Roselily is grown by one of the finest quality lily growers right here in the Dandenong Ranges.


Not only does the Roselily look beautiful, they have some great advantages - a sweet perfume, a long vase life and no pollen, that's right, they don't produce pollen.  Being pollen free is a huge advantage for both consumers and florists. No more dreaded staining!


A huge plus when used in weekly arrangements for businesses, a florist won't have to make follow up maintenance visits to remove any pollen, a must when the flowers are placed in public places, where staining can occur. 

Roselily vase


Great potential to be used in wedding flower designs, they make beautiful compact table centre pieces.


       Roselily table vase                      Roselily petals


Roselily - no pollen, sweet perfume, long vase life.


If you would like to experience the beautiful Roselily, contact us now and place your order today.