Foliage - the Base of all good Floristry


Foliage is every bit as important as the flowers when creating floral designs.  Good basing skills are vital to any design.  When using foliage a florist is:


creating the outline, the desired shape of a design

hiding mechanics, the finer details required in any design

make an arrangement fuller, more compact

providing different texture, colour, proportion to a design



There are many foliage types available to a florist that will provide texture, extra colour and interest in a design.  I like to use two or three different types of foliage in my designs.  You can see these in the Order Flowers section of the website.


Some of the foliage types available are:


tropicals, ferns, palms, pines, evergreens, palms, natives, grasses, pods, berries, roots, succulents, mosses, bamboo, flax, vines


and the different colours - lime/yellow, glossy green, silver, red/violet, variegated.



Flax leaves



Manipulating foliage is also another way to create interest - plaiting, weaving, wiring and bending, layering, bunching and twisting.


Like flowers, foliage needs the correct care and conditioning.  This will ensure a quality product and reduce any wastage.



So why not try an all foliage arrangement for a great impact and something a bit different using down to earth materials.