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No longer thought of as the flowers your granny grows, Dahlias have been enjoying a bit of a revival. 


A summer flower they are in season usually from December to April, depending on the growing conditions (weather) and where you are located.  Check with your florist as to when they are available to buy.


They are such a delightful flower, great colours, interesting form; petals can be twisted, curled, wavy, pointed, flat or incurved.  Some of the popular varieties are decorative and water lily (double blooms), pompons, semi cactus and cactus (spiky or spider).



Dahlia cacti


Some will argue the Dahlia doesn't last long as a cut flower but if they have been conditioned correctly by the grower or florist they should last up to 10 days.  Keep them in a cool spot and change the water daily, cleaning the vase each time and re-cut the stems using a sharp knife and at an angle.  Avoid using scissors to make the re-cut as they can crush the stems and block the water uptake.


Dahlia pompon


Great for decorating your home or business they look fine mixed with other flowers but personally I think they shine best on their own.  They suit any vessel style depending on what look you are after - plain or coloured glass, decorative china or ceramic, pottery, wood, silver.  Display in mono or clashing colours.


Fashionable for summer weddings if having a vintage, romantic or rustic look.  Be mindful the petals are delicate and bruise easily particularly the white varieties so they need to be handled very carefully.




DahliaIf you love to take macro photos of flowers the Dahlia is a perfect subject, they have great detail and such vivid colour.



Sure to make you or someone else smile, try the Dahlias out this summer, they're a fantastic seasonal flower and right on trend for any occasion.