Indoor Plant Care Guide


Some basic rules for healthy house plants - choose wisely; think of the growing conditions, size, type of plant, don't overwater them, give them extra humidity, recognise and treat problems with them quickly.


Almost all plants will have care instructions provided with them upon purchase.  If they do not, then please ask your florist (other seller) to provide these.


Before you decide where to place your plant, remember to consider its preferred conditions for light and heat (e.g. some plants prefer humid conditions, see below for ways to increase humdity for plants).


  • Avoid positioning plants in strong heat areas or places where there is a cold draught.


  • Both watering from the top or bottom of a plant has its advantages.   When watering at the top use a long thin spouted watering can.  This ensures you get under the leaves as some plants do not like their leaves being wet.  Ensure there is good drainage.


  • Soil should be moist but not saturated and some plants do better if they are dried out a bit between waterings.


  • Feed plants regularly with the appropriate plant food.


  • Wipe leaves with a soft damp cloth to remove dust.  Plants such as cacti or succulents or those with hairy leaves should not be sprayed or washed, use a soft brush instead to remove dust.


  • Remove dead leaves and flowers.  Pruning plants can encourage new growth.


  • Rest them in winter time, i.e. less water, less feeding, less heat than is required in the active growing period.


  • Check your plants regularly for signs of stress, pests or diseases.  Treat as required, don't delay.


Increasing humidity


Group plants together - this encourages plants to release moisture through their leaves.


Place your plants on a tray filled with pebbles (polished stones or marbles also work).  Use a clean tray and fill with about 2cm of pebbles.  Fill the tray half way up the pebbles with water.  Do not let the water level cover the top of the pebbles.  Group your plants on the surface of the pebbles.


Mist your plants all over.  This also helps to reduce dust on the leaves.  Do not mist plants that have hairy or velvety foliage.