Exotics for all Occasions - Tropical Flowers & Foliage


If you are looking for something a bit different in flowers then check out tropical flowers and foliages.  They are very showy, come in many beautiful bold colours with interesting lines and shapes, and you don't need a lot of them to make an impressive arrangement.  A single stem of hanging heliconia or anthuriums in a modern vase will make a statement.


There are many different types of tropical flowers - heliconias, gingers, anthuriums, orchids, birds of paradise, pineapple, lotus pods, cucuma (Siam tulip).  Most are available all year round with exceptions for some seasonal varieties.


Ginger beehive


Beautiful bold colours and interesting shapes make them a great choice for modern looking designs.  Used frequently for business flowers as thay are long lasting and make a great first impression.  They can actually be used for most occasions, funeral designs, weddings, events and for the home.  A great gift choice for male recipient's as they are not too feminine or frilly.


Chocolate Anthurium


When buying tropical flowers make sure they are crisp and fresh with healthy colours, and ensure they are free of blemishes.  Brown or black spots on tropical flowers indicate they have been stored in conditions that are too cold.  Tropical flowers should never be stored in a refrigerator.  When preparing to display, unwrap your flowers carefully, re-cut the stems at an angle and add to fresh clean water in a clean vase.  Change the water every 2-3 days.  Keep away from draughts and full sun.


There are also many types of tropical foliage used in floristry.  Like the flowers the foliage come in a variety of colours, all different shades of green, reds, oranges that are glossy or not and in different shapes and sizes.  It is quite easy to make a striking arrangement from just using different tropical leaves.  Like flowers, foliage need the correct care and conditioning, so ensure the water is changed every 2-3 days.


Some examples of tropical foliage are cordyline, palms, dracaena (happy plant), bamboo, monstera, croton, lotus pods and lotus leaves.


Cordyline tri-colourMonstera


If you would like something different to display in your home, office, for your wedding or for a gift then consider exotic tropical flowers and foliages.