A Memorial Tribute - Laurel Chaplet


A laurel chaplet is a memorial tribute constructed using laurel leaves only.  In Australia we use Prunus laurocerasus to make a laurel chaplet.  The leaves are a glossy green, with a leathery texture and are oval in shape.


On occasions such as Anzac Day (25th April) a spray including large red black centred poppies and sprigs of rosemary (symbol of remembrance) may be added to the bottom of the wreath.


A "Lest we forget" ribbon may also be attached.  It is always placed from the top left to the lower right hand side of the frame.  This symbolises the bayonet and rifle position held by the soldiers when presenting arms.

 Laurel Chaplet


Laurel chaplets are laid at memorial services to remember those who served and died in wars and also to honour the courage and commitment of all servicemen and women.


Care and attention to detail are required when constructing a laurel chaplet.  Techniques such as wiring, pinning and grading are used.


Laurel chaplets can be orderd for Anzac Day 2014, please contact us directly on 0400 634 951 to arrange.  Please note Anzac Day is a public holiday in Australia and tributes would be delivered on Thursday 24th April.



Lest we forget