Hyacinths, a fragrant flower


A winter flowering bulb, Hyacinths have a number of bell shaped florets clustered onto a thick fleshy stem.  They are waxy in texture and have a highly fragrant perfume.  TIP: A strong fragrance is the best indicator of freshness.


They are available in white, blue, pinks (hot and pale), lilac, cream, pale yellow and are usually sold in bunches of four.  Most of the time Hyacinths are sold with their bulb intact.  Avoid cutting the bulb off as it prolongs their vase life, helping the flowers ability to uptake water.  If not done so already by the florist, rinse off the stems as sandy dirt may be present.  They do not like sugar so flower preservative is not necessary, just change the water daily and keep away from any heat sources.  Hyacinths can be a skin irritant, wash your hands after arranging them.



 CFS Hyacinths


Hyacinths look their best when simply arranged on their own in a clear glass vase or in a ceramic jug.  If they become top heavy and start to bend, insert a skewer carefully into the stem from the bottom to keep them upright.


For wedding flowers they can be hand-tied into a bouquet or individual florets can be wired and arranged in wedding designs or hung for reception or ceremony arrangements.  Beads and decorative wire can be added for effect.  If using in table centre pieces, arrange in vessels of water, Hyacinths do not arrange well in floral foam.


Hyacinth hair comb


Hyacinths are in season late March, early April until around October.  You can order Hyacinths online here.


Hyacinth Green Trick Vase