Wedding etiquette - tossing the wedding bouquet

The tradition of throwing the wedding bouquet reportedly began in the 14th century, that's a long time ago!  It was believed to be good luck for wedding guests to have a piece of the brides clothing, quite literally they would try to rip pieces of it off!  Things had to change, so the idea of throwing other items was thought up, the bride would toss her bouquet to the single ladies and the groom threw the brides garter to the single guys.


The "lucky" lady who caught the bouquet was thought to be the next to get married, likewise the "lucky" guy who snatched up the garter.


Not all brides follow this tradition, choosing instead to not partake at all or putting their own twist on it.


The following are just some alternatives to tossing your bouquet:

  • pass your flowers onto someone special like you mum, best friend, maid of honour, grandmother.
  • have your wedding bouquet preserved professionally as a keepsake for your home.
  • present it to a married couple attending your wedding that has been married the longest.


Whether you are into the tossing of the wedding bouquet or not, it's amazing to think this wedding tradition has been acted out in some form or another over the centuries by many.  Will you be incorporating this tradition on your wedding day or having your own alternative version?


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