Cut Flower Care

How to get the most from your Cut Flowers

You want to get the most out of your flowers.  We recommend that you follow these basic care instructions to ensure long life and maximum enjoyment from them.

Choose a clean vase, and then add clean water and preservative. Remove flowers from wrapping carefully. Strip all leaves from the part of the stem that will be underwater.  Leaves contain bacteria and fungi that will quickly breed and foul the water, killing the flowers. Use sharp snips or secateurs, trim stems at an angle about 2cm from the base, then place straight into clean...

What Flower?

Hydrangea - a Florists Favourite for Events

Common name: Hydrangea, Hortensia

A cottage garden classic with big mop shaped heads.  Hydrangea come in a variety of colours, pure white, china blue, deep blue, lilac, light pink, bright pink, burgundy and green.  Available Nov-Apr.

Their vase life is approx 7-14 days.  They need lots of water so check and change water regularly.  Cut the stem at an angle above the node and remove any surplus leaves.  You can spray their heads with water occasionally to prolong vase life.  Should the heads become limp, submerge the whole head in...

How Do They Do It? - Flower Arranging Tips

Vase Attitude - Wide Mouth Vase

Do you have a wide mouth vase that you just can’t seem to arrange your flowers in properly without them all collapsing to the side?  Following is a simple solution to your problem and all you need is a roll of clear sticky tape, normal size for gift wrapping will do.  

Firstly fill your vase with fresh water and flower food ready for your cut flowers.  Dry off any water splash around the vase rim; make sure it’s completely dry.  Now make a grid over the vase mouth, top to bottom, side to side with the sticky tape, see picture.  Usually 2x2 or...

Sympathy Flowers

Suggestions for Writing a Sympathy Card Message

It’s not always easy to put your feelings into words on a sympathy card. Following are some suggestions which you may wish to use.

Your memory lives on in our hearts. Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences in your sadness.  Thinking of you and your family. With deepest sympathy. Always in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten. At a time such as this, words cannot express our feelings. Especially for you at this difficult time. You touched our hearts, we will never forget you. Thinking of you in these difficult...

Flowers from Australia

Native Australians

We have such a diverse and unique range of flowers and foliages here in Australia.  Some of them have been surviving for millions of years.  Long lasting, bright and colourful they come in all shapes and sizes, big round heads or cone shaped heads like the banksias and dryandras are great for focal points in an arrangement, tall and showy, grasses and kangaroo paws, delicate fillers like the waxflowers and boronias and different varieties of fern foliages like the umbrella fern or koala fern.  

Native flowers are thirsty drinkers so do check their water levels...

Flower Buying Tips for Guys


Listen up guys, buying flowers for someone may seem a daunting task but it's not that bad, really.  Just making the effort shows you care and that's a good start.


Your local florist can help you make a choice and also help with delivery stuff if you are going to have the flowers sent.  Remember if you are having the flowers sent to think of a message to go on the card.


So most men have different women in their lives and knowing what flowers to give which of these lovely ladies can be a bit challenging.  Here are some simple tips:


For those Important Women in your...

Is it ok to give a Man Flowers?


There aren't too many women who don't enjoy receiving a fresh flower bouquet or arrangement on a special occasion or the best kind, just out of the blue?  And whilst a lot of people traditionally think a man gives flowers to women, remember this is the 21st century and giving men flowers is an ok thing to do.


You'd be surprised at the number of men who think it's kinda cool and would love to receive a gift of flowers or a living plant.  Whether for your husband, partner, best friend, dad or grandad why not surprise them and make them feel special with a gift of flowers.  There...

10 Reasons to hold your Wedding in the Dandenong Ranges


1.  A great selection of beautiful venues to choose from for your wedding ceremony and reception.


2.  Uniqueness of the area.  Beautiful scenery, natural and mystical, giving a great ambience.  Your photos will be unforgettable.


3.  Plenty of accommodation choices for the wedding couple and their guests. 


4.  Closeness to Melbourne and the ease of getting there.


5.  No matter what season it is - spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the Ranges looks beautiful at any time.


6.  Make your dream wedding come true - the Ranges can offer backdrops...



The pretty new lily on the market!


It's very exciting when a new flower variety comes onto the market.  One of latest lily varieties, designed for the cut flower industry, is the beautiful Roselily.


A double flowering lily, in pink and white shades, when opening up it resembles a rose; layers and layers of petals.  It was developed by the De Looff brothers in The Netherlands.  To find out their story visit their website here.  Available now in Australia, the Roselily is grown by one of the finest quality lily growers right here in the Dandenong Ranges.


Not only...

Foliage - the Base of all good Floristry


Foliage is every bit as important as the flowers when creating floral designs.  Good basing skills are vital to any design.  When using foliage a florist is:


creating the outline, the desired shape of a design

hiding mechanics, the finer details required in any design

make an arrangement fuller, more compact

providing different texture, colour, proportion to a design



There are many foliage types available to a florist that will provide texture, extra colour and interest in a design.  I like to use two or three different types of foliage in my designs.  You can see...


elegance, dignity, forever thine


No longer thought of as the flowers your granny grows, Dahlias have been enjoying a bit of a revival. 


A summer flower they are in season usually from December to April, depending on the growing conditions (weather) and where you are located.  Check with your florist as to when they are available to buy.


They are such a delightful flower, great colours, interesting form; petals can be twisted, curled, wavy, pointed, flat or incurved.  Some of the popular varieties are decorative and water lily (double blooms), pompons, semi cactus and...

Indoor Plant Care Guide


Some basic rules for healthy house plants - choose wisely; think of the growing conditions, size, type of plant, don't overwater them, give them extra humidity, recognise and treat problems with them quickly.


Almost all plants will have care instructions provided with them upon purchase.  If they do not, then please ask your florist (other seller) to provide these.


Before you decide where to place your plant, remember to consider its preferred conditions for light and heat (e.g. some plants prefer humid conditions, see below for ways to increase humdity for plants).


Exotics for all Occasions - Tropical Flowers & Foliage


If you are looking for something a bit different in flowers then check out tropical flowers and foliages.  They are very showy, come in many beautiful bold colours with interesting lines and shapes, and you don't need a lot of them to make an impressive arrangement.  A single stem of hanging heliconia or anthuriums in a modern vase will make a statement.


There are many different types of tropical flowers - heliconias, gingers, anthuriums, orchids, birds of paradise, pineapple, lotus pods, cucuma (Siam tulip).  Most are available all year round with exceptions for some...

A Memorial Tribute - Laurel Chaplet


A laurel chaplet is a memorial tribute constructed using laurel leaves only.  In Australia we use Prunus laurocerasus to make a laurel chaplet.  The leaves are a glossy green, with a leathery texture and are oval in shape.


On occasions such as Anzac Day (25th April) a spray including large red black centred poppies and sprigs of rosemary (symbol of remembrance) may be added to the bottom of the wreath.


A "Lest we forget" ribbon may also be attached.  It is always placed from the top left to the lower right hand side of the frame.  This symbolises the bayonet and rifle...

Hyacinths, a fragrant flower


A winter flowering bulb, Hyacinths have a number of bell shaped florets clustered onto a thick fleshy stem.  They are waxy in texture and have a highly fragrant perfume.  TIP: A strong fragrance is the best indicator of freshness.


They are available in white, blue, pinks (hot and pale), lilac, cream, pale yellow and are usually sold in bunches of four.  Most of the time Hyacinths are sold with their bulb intact.  Avoid cutting the bulb off as it prolongs their vase life, helping the flowers ability to uptake water.  If not done so already by the florist, rinse off the stems...

Getting a handle on your wedding bouquet


More and more brides are adding personal touches to their wedding day flowers, decorations and ambience, reflecting their own personalities.


Your wedding bouquet is one of those important personal touches; it will be with you throughout the day and seen forever in your wedding photos.  You know or have some idea of the flowers you want in your bouquet, but what about the finished look of the bouquet, the handle, have you thought about how you want this to look?


There is no rule that says you must have a handle finished off with satin ribbon.  There are so many different...

Wreaths - a classic floral tribute

Signifying the eternal circle of life and love, the wreath makes a fitting floral tribute.  It is appropriate for giving by family members, close friends, groups of friends, work colleagues, large groups or organisations.


The design can be traditional, modern, feminine, masculine, rustic, and for children.  Sizes are small to very large.  Suitable for all types of funerals, all ages and all budgets.


When choosing the flowers and colour combination think about the deceased, did they have a favourite colour or flower?  Are there any cultural or religous customs to be...

Wedding etiquette - tossing the wedding bouquet

The tradition of throwing the wedding bouquet reportedly began in the 14th century, that's a long time ago!  It was believed to be good luck for wedding guests to have a piece of the brides clothing, quite literally they would try to rip pieces of it off!  Things had to change, so the idea of throwing other items was thought up, the bride would toss her bouquet to the single ladies and the groom threw the brides garter to the single guys.


The "lucky" lady who caught the bouquet was thought to be the next to get married, likewise the "lucky" guy who snatched up the garter.